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From the Director’s Desk


Dr. Amrendra Kumar

M.Sc., Ph.D.(PU)

It gives me great pleasure to share with the parents and students, the stupendous performance of our students in the XI & XII as well as competitive examinations.

Our unparalleled and unprecedented performance has been due to the contribution and commitment of the faculty members, who have been empowered with and supported by the vision determination and dedication of the Director, to meet the demands of high performance. This team endeavor has culminated in securing top honours in every field.

The success of our efforts are also due to the trust respond in the faculty members, commitment of Director by the parents, well wishes and friends that has enabled the institute to reach the highest pinnacles of glory.

Education today is no longer a simple learning of the system but a more complex system which should teach survived skills for your children’s future for the continuity of our democratic institutions and more important for our planetary existence.

Our objective is to assist and inspire students from socially and economically backward sections of society.

The sacred goal in this highly competitive and materialistic world of today can only be achieved if a child has a balanced personality and high selfless team as well as a personal commitment to large organizational and global values.

Keeping there is mind, we at the institute have very honestly and rigorously dedicated ourselves to positive nurturing and providing a stimulating environmental and emotional development of our students.

The results have been improving regularly indicating the dedicated effort and honest of our faculty teachers.


*** Our aim is not to make a child good only in academic education, but also to make him/her a good citizen.