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Science Students’ Circle

Competitions and competitive examinations have now become a part of life. Everybody has to go through the ordeal of such tests and screening even for a small position in life. For the purpose of achieving success one has to equip oneself with specialized knowledge of a very high order in all the subjects which is possible only through contextualized learning process in terms of continuing problems and growing needs as well as the specialized guidance. Exactly this is the area where SCIENCE STUDENTS’CIRCLE intends to outside to operate.

This institution seeks to validate a traditional role of in Loco Parentis and to equip the students to look after themselves and struggle without any crutches from outside.

The attractive feature that provides our faculty and students a new pasture is the opportunity for hands on experiences. Participation in the actual field and an communicating one’s difficulties through programmed lectures and follow up remedial classes.

Purposely opted teaching of English yields positive influence affecting motivation helps in the pursuit of excellence by reflecting humanistic and literary aspects with sciences.

List of Teachers

Department of Physics


Dr. Mundrika Prasad(M.Sc.,PhD)

Teaching experience 28 years


Dr.Brajesh Priyadarshi(M.Sc., PhD)

30 Years teaching experience


Prof.Chandra Shekhar

30 Years teaching experience

Department of Chemistry



Teaching experience 40 years


Dr.Rajesh Kumar(M.Sc.,PhD)

19 Years teaching experience


Prof Sharat Kumar(M.Sc. BHU,Varanasi)

Teaching experience 16 years

Department of English


Prof S.K.Sinha

25 years teaching experience

Department of Biology


Dr.Rakesh Prasad

37 years teaching experience


Dr.Amrendra Kumar(M.Sc.,PhD)

Teaching experience 36 years

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